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“My child has Autism, what do I do next?”

“Is there a treatment for Autism?”

“How can my child benefit from the treatment?”

Being a parent of a child having been diagnosed with ASD can be tough, especially when you constantly try to provide all the possible care for them. But since you have raised that query, you already are aware of some questions such as ‘What is Autism?’ or ‘Why does it occur?’. Now, you must be interested in knowing about therapies and treatment for autism. In this blog, we explore the current treatment methods that are highly effective for autism, how we provide such services and how they will be able to help your child become independent and free from anxiety.

OccKid Pediatric Therapy Center, an institution created to provide aid to children with developmental delays, has a wide range of therapies for autism. We understand there are so many articles, videos, and posts about treatments that you will be confused regarding which one will be best for your child. It is clear that we still do not possess adequate information to understand autism spectrum disorder compared to other conditions we know but we, at OccKid,
assure you, that each child is special and they deserve equally special care, designed especially for them. We also understand it might be frustrating for you to understand how these therapies work hence in this blog, we are going to explain our services and how they develop your child’s ability to connect to the surroundings and discover their hidden potential.

Our therapies include:

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is designed to provide a considerable advantage in dealing with the problems individuals with autism and their families face in their daily lives. Our aim is to help children cope better with daily life by providing a safe and sustained environment that will allow them to improve communication and learning in different places, improve social interactions with others, and reduce repetitive behaviors. We also keep a child’s sensory processing in mind and develop our strategies accordingly.

Occupational therapy improves several skills such as daily living skills like personal care, social and communication skills like interactions and cooperative activities, sensory processing skills in order to decrease the impact of sensitive behaviors, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and cognitive functions such as problem-solving, impulse control, attention, and memory. Through occupation therapy, a child will develop better self-esteem, confidence, and independence.

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy can help children with ASD maximize their communication abilities and reach their full potential by improving their abilities to communicate and interact with others. This also improves social skills and social behavior.

Special Education

Special Education is beneficial to all special needs of children where we help them to their on goals related to social communication in different settings. We are equipped with highly qualified professionals who devise the perfect education plan and bring the best service to your child.

Early Intervention Program

An Early Intervention Program for a child with autism will recognize an individual’s needs, strengths, interests, and developmental delays which will lead to the creation of a highly individualized program. These would include therapies to support areas identified as important and meaningful to the child and family, with goals often around supporting communication, emotional regulation, and social interaction.

Other treatment for autism include:

2.Group Sessions
3.Assessment and Home Program
4.Online Classes
5.Parent Counselling

For more details, visit our website and learn more about our programs. We must remember that being diagnosed with developmental delays doesn’t mean your child’s capabilities are any less, and with the right support, they can reach their potential and proceed to achieve great things later in life.

Treatment for autism is not something like a manual operation procedure. It requires intense dedication which our qualified professionals excel at. If your child requires support, then bring them to us and we will make sure they can become independent in their lives. Visit us at http://www.occkid.com/ or mail us: occkid.15@gmail.com or call us at: +91 9853999128

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