Extensive Intervention Program

Extensive Intervention Program is a program designed for special needs children ranging from 5+ year to 15+ years, so that they will get the group teaching & school like routine in their life. It will have a curriculum plan & curricular activities set which will help them to develop new skill, Improvise their existing skills and reducing their problem behavior and allow them to explore their leisures.

How is it different from SCHOOL OR TUITIONS ?

School is to have grade promotions in terms of existing education system and framing the foundation for social communication system. For children with special needs, going to school sometimes bring a lot of challenges which may refrain them to have functional literacy and establishment of social communication, as there is lack of meaningful engagements. In EIP, Children will spend five hours where they will get and explore their hobbies and some meaningful core activities leading to independent and dignified life.

How is it different from THERAPY ?

In therapy we give one to one intervention plan for a limited period of time with few primary goals pre-decided for a child along with a written home program, but in EIP we will follow the same plan with extensive practices and we will be able to generalise the skill. We will also work on various secondary goals along with following a therapeutic Intervention for an overall development for your child.

Our Special Features

    Teacher to child Ratio 1:6 •

    Specially Customized Curriculum •

    IEP (Individualized Education Program) •

    Well designed time tables modified every week •

    Theme of the day developing executive functions •

    Proper Hygiene Maintenance •

Activities & Curriculum.

  • Sensory Diet
  • Functional Academics
  • Communication Training
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Cognitive Training
  • Functional Skill Training
  • Computer & Functional Mobile use
  • Dance, Gymming, Art & Craft, Music
  • Applied Behaviour Analysis
  • Social Emotional Development (Problem solving, Sharing, taking turns, thinking skills through work, creative play, Sense of Responsibility, Sense of Time, Safety Awareness)
  • Group Speech Therapy (Speech Exercises, Language Training)
  • Group Occupational Therapy
  • Adaptive Living Skills (Toilet training, Snack Preparation, Table mannerism, Putting on/off Shoes, Mopping, Dish washing.
  • Quality Screen Time

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